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Investing in a good sofa is guaranteed to transform your living room. However, purchasing the wrong piece means being stuck with the couch until you can get another one. Style and preference when it comes to choosing a sofa vary among individuals. Thus, everyone looks for something different.

At Furniture & Mattresses, we have stocked our warehouses with a variety of premium quality sofas. Accessing beautiful, unique, and affordable sofas in Conway South Carolina will, therefore, not be a hassle.

Which Type of Sofa is the Most Popular?

No specific design takes the crown as the most popular because of people’s varied tastes. However, the best sofas have durable fabric. Cotton and linen stand out among furniture fabrics. Synthetic microfiber is also a popular option because it’s stain-resistant.

While inspecting the fabric, it helps to look out for loose weaving. Sofas with loose weaving tend to snag after a while. If you have pets, such sofas may age even faster.

How Long Can a Good Sofa Last?

The average life of a couch is between seven and 15 years. Leather sofas tend to last longer, up to about 25 years or more. A low-end sofa will last for about five years at most.

There are signs that tell you it’s time to have your sofa replaced. For starters, the fabric will wear out at the edges and can rip when a considerably strong force is exerted on it. Comfort levels also lessen due to a reduction in the padding.

How Can You Tell if a Sofa is Made from Genuine Leather?

Authentic leather is easy to identify from its smell and texture. It is usually warm and soft to touch and has a distinctive spicy aroma. Faux leather, on the other hand, exudes an unpleasant chemical-like smell. Fake leather also has a characteristic uniform grain to it.

At Furniture & Mattresses, we have set firm quality assurance measures. This guarantees that whatever we sell to our clients is crafted from premium materials; starting from the fabric down to the frame.

Tips for Choosing A Sofa

Long-lasting couches require heavy-duty fabrics, a sturdy frame, and quality cushions. The frame should be secured with nails or dowels. Avoid a sofa that is put together using staples and glue as such joinery tends to weaken with time.

A wooden frame is enough, especially if quality, kiln-dried timber is used. Metal may be added to the wooden frame if the sofa is big. This provides additional support but makes the entire piece heavy and hard to move.

Lastly, do not forget to check the craftsmanship. Inspect elements such as design, color, and the finishing. These will help you pick a good quality and stylish sofa.

Experience Customer Service at Its Best

At Furniture & Mattresses, we have a team of professionals who are strongly driven by the desire to provide unrivaled customer service. Our staff will help you find stylish sofas in Conway South Carolina. Contact us on 843.353.6568 to find the perfect sofa.

Sofas Conway South Carolina
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Sofas Conway South Carolina

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