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One of the fundamental aspects of the performance of your daily activities is rest. If you have a pleasant and quality dream, you will be able to get up with energy and vitality and face the activities to plenitude. The mattress where you sleep plays a crucial aspect to achieve that much-needed rest. However, choosing the ideal mattress is not an easy task. You must take into account certain key aspects so that you can make the right decision.

How to Choose the Ideal Mattress?

Which is Your Way to Sleep?

Depending on how you sleep most of the night, you may be able to choose one type of mattress. These are the main postures:

  1. On your side: this is undoubtedly the best way to rest. This position stimulates the fetal position and is the natural way to rest. When you sleep this way, the spine adopts a natural position, and no pressure points are generated. In this case, choose a mattress of moderate firmness. Make sure that the mattress you choose fits comfortably to the shape of your shoulders and hips. If you wish, a pillow between your legs will allow you to have a full rest.
  2. On your back: in this case, you should look for a firmer mattress. Take into account that the mattress you choose does not generate lumbar tension, but the rest will be deficient. If you do not find the ideal, a small pillow in the curvature of the knees will do it.
  3. On your stomach: if you can only sleep this way, you should look for the softest mattresses. These are the ones that will have the least impact on the abdomen, avoiding discomfort. Keep in mind that you must take care of the cervical region, so the pillows you choose to complement should be low in height.


In addition to firmness, you must take into account the material from which the mattress is made. Ask the seller for advice on new technologies and try them out. Nowadays, in addition to the traditional innerspring, there are other materials such as viscoelastic, latex or high resilience. Also consider these aspects:

Breathability: you must take into account your natural sweating, and choose the mattress according to it. The least breathable are those with a closed core, such as latex, viscoelastic, and HR. If your sweating is normal, any of these options are adequate. If, on the other hand, you have a high level of perspiration, the ideal option is spring, which is the most breathable.

Temperature: This characteristic is linked to breathability. In other words, the less breathable it is, the warmer it is. However, to balance that condition, you can ask the seller for information about the covers. These will go between the mattress and the sheets and will help you to make them cooler.

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Mattresses Conway SC
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Mattresses Conway SC

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